A Culture of Plastic


A house that PET built.

I came across this article at Greenopolis.  A Honduran company called Eco-Tec has apparently been building houses, schools, and even water tanks using PET bottles reclaimed from landfills and other sources.  This is such a fantastic idea, since plastics do not naturally degrade in the environment, and their disposal poses a significant problem for our “modern” plastic-loving society.

But it seems Eco-Tec is not the only one using plastic for housing.  The image above shows part of a house built by a Serbian man over five years.  13,500 plastic bottles were used and, as you can see, even the furniture is made of plastic.

There are other homes and buildings around the world constructed using plastic bottles and other non-bio-degradable waste.  And it doesn’t have to be unsightly.  If each bottle is filled with sand and sealed, as is done by Eco-Tec, the walls look like a textured mud wall.  It would be nice to see something like this in North America.  As a matter of improving education and awareness, community and shopping centres could easily be constructed using such materials.  This would have the added advantage of keeping more plastics out of the landfills.

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