Kensington Sun & Salsa Festival

Today was the 17th annual Sun and Salsa Festival in Kensinton Village in Calgary.  What a day!  The streets were packed with salsa-loving party-goers, trying different salsas presented by various Kensington businesses, as well as from some of the mayoral candidates.  My candidate, Naheed Nenshi, did not participate in the salsa competition, choosing instead to focus on talking to Calgarians.

There really were only two horrible salsas that I tasted today (this is my opinion only).  One was made by Druh Farrell, the other by Kent Hehr.  Druh’s had far too much lime in it, while Kent’s looked like a kind of paste , or ambrosia salad.  It was truly one of the strangest salsas I’ve ever seen or tasted.  But what the heck – nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Overall, it was a fabulous day.  Street performers entertained.  Bands performed, contests were held, winners selected, and business was done.  Oh, and the sun was the star of the show!  Unfortunately, my camera’s batteries died part way through one street performer’s show, but I will put what I was able to get on Flickr soon.  Hopefully I will get a pro account so I don’t have to deal with the 100-MB per month upload limit.

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