Of Raspberries and Calculators

I’ve come across a couple of great articles today, and the subjects couldn’t be more disparate.

First is an article from Fine Gardening: How to Grow Raspberries.  The author goes to great lengths to describe and explain how to go about growing your own raspberries.  Where should they be planted?  What type of raspberries?  Everbearing or summer bearing?  Raised beds or not?  How to setup a trellis and a small home for bees.  It’s really quite thorough.  About  the only thing missing is something about growing them in containers such as half whiskey barrels.

Now, anyone who knows me will know that I’m a bit of a geek.  The second article comes from the Wired Gadget Lab: DIY Graphing Calculator is Built from Open Source Hardware.  Matt at Antipasto Hardware Blog has built a portable, touchscreen calculator not much larger than an iPhone.  Absolutely amazing!  This sucker runs on Linux (what could be better?) and has more features and capability than the TI-89 and HP-50G combined.  (For the record, I have the HP-50G and love it.)  But the key is that this bad boy is made from completely open source hardware (and software for that matter).  It would make a fantastic data logger for all kinds of devices, such as  my GPS receiver (GPSr).  This is something I’d love for road trips and hiking trips, as well as flights of any length.  At nearly US$300 it’s a little more than I can afford at the moment, but I will keep it in my vast expanse of memories for future projects.

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