Getting Ready for Field School

Next week is EVT Field School!  Yay!  My class is greatly looking forward to this, since we will be spending the week at the University of Calgary’s Biogeoscience (BGS) Kananaskis Field Station (across from Barrier Lake).  Each day, starting Monday September 27, we will be heading out to the field to do various types of field work.

In the lab this week, each group calibrated one of the YSI sondes.  We have four of them, which will be deployed on Monday for unattended monitoring of a water body over a five day period.  Specifically, we are monitoring pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, and turbidity.  The instruments will also automatically record temperature and ambient pressure.

After lunch on Monday, we split into two groups.  My group will be doing vegetation identification while the other group does water sampling.  Tuesday’s work will consist of soil sampling and water sampling for my group, and vegetation identification for the other.  On Wednesday my group will do some vegetation sampling.  The other group will be doing that, too, as well as soil sampling.  On Thursday we will all be doing a wildlife habitat survey, collecting data for our statistics class, and going for a traditional knowledge hike, led by a local Native Elder.  Finally, on Friday, we will retrieve the sonde from the waterway and head back to Calgary.

I’m going to try to post nightly over the course of the week.  I’ll also be posting photos to my Flickr site.  We are really hoping for some nice weather, or at least not wet and too cold.  Otherwise, we are going to be doing a lot of work and a lot of learning.  Stay tuned….

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