Good for You, Calgary!

Well, no matter how this pie is cut, Calgary has a new mayor.  No incumbent running freed up the top seat on Council for some potentially fresh blood.  We have also seen some very good voter turnout numbers at the polling stations, indicating that voters became very engaged and interested in the race.

As I write this, Shaw TV is reporting Naheed Nenshi: 92,166; Ric McIver: 75,505; and Barb Higgins: 62,398.  With more than 16,000 votes separating first and second place, it is not likely that anyone can catch up.  That said, anything can happen.  At this point, though, many sources are forecasting Naheed Nenshi as the next mayor.

I personally couldn’t be more thrilled.  Even as a volunteer on the Naheed’s campaign team, I never expected that Naheed would lead by so much.  Obviously this is an example indicating that having bags of money cannot buy you into office.  Naheed’s budget was modest compared to that of Ric McIver.

I really cannot wait to see what will happen once the ball gets rolling and many of the Ideas start getting implemented.  It has been very nice to see a Harvard-trained business professor move up in the polls from a meager 3% just a few weeks ago to mayor of Calgary.  Working the social networks, I think, has proved a valuable strategy, but he also successfully connected with the youth and ethnic demographics.

This is a very positive step for Calgary, and I’m very happy to see that the citizens recognized the need for it.  Good for you, Calgary!

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