Most Active/Popular Post(s) for 2010

With only a short time remaining in 2010, I thought I’d fill in what the most popular posts were on this blog for 2010.  I know I was surprised.

The single most common search term was “navy shower”, leading to my article on household water conservation, written back in June.  I find it reassuring that so many people are interested in using the navy shower to conserve water at home.  Sometimes it can be the simple things that can improve peoples’ green conscience.

Next up is the article I wrote about our trip to the Crowsnest Pass area for Thunder in the Valley, a spectacular, annual fireworks show in Blairmore.

Probably the third most searched for topic would be the lunar eclipse / winter solstice conjunction that just recently made news headlines.  It is unfortunate, though, although not entirely surprising, that the common search was for the “mystical properties” of the eclipse.  It is, of course, absurd that something so benign and simple as a lunar eclipse should have mystical properties.  It is also unsurprising that people would look for such things.  Eclipses and other celestial phenomena were thought to have magical/mystical properties, being portents of doom or victory (depending on the observer’s perspective).  Thankfully, Newtonian and Galilean physics have successfully explained away the phenomena and allow us to accurately predict when other such events will occur.

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