The Worms Have Arrived!

Worms Eat My GarbageFinally!  The worms have arrived!

I know there are a few out there who have seen my Vermicompost page.  Well, I’ve finally got the worms to get the system going.  I went today to pick up a half-pound of worms for $35 from Worms @ Work here in Calgary.  Right now I’m just letting them get acquainted in their new home.

I have to admit that there is a certain ick factor associated with the worms, but I know they’re not really that bad.  It will just take some time and handling to get used to them.

For this initial go-round I’ve used hand-shredded newspaper and some hand-shredded corrugated cardboard for bedding.  The instructions that came with the worms suggest feeding only two cups of food waste at a time, so I’ll start with that.  I have a bunch of food scraps frozen from before, so want to use that up before doing too much more.  Of course, we will now be freezing our scraps again.  Can’t starve the worms, and I really want to have some great top-dressing and fertilizer for planting in May-June.

Stay tuned as I provide more updates.  Pictures are forthcoming (unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the worms after placing them in the bin, but I will make sure to take pictures in the future).

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