No Facebook, No Problem

No Facebook!

Just say NO to Facebook!

Every now and then I find people coming to this blog using search strings such as “no to facebook” or “no facebook”, so I thought I would write something about it.

At this point I am resisting Facebook on principle.  I have not succumbed to the great pressure from friends and family wondering “Why are you not on Facebook?”, and I’m not about to bow to such pressure now.  I also just don’t see the need to have my life available to everyone in one place.  Not everyone needs to know about some party I just had or went to and any shenanigans that (may or may not have) happened.  Of course, such problems can be avoided with limited profile management and self-censorship, but why open up yet another online presence to manage in the first place?

I just recently got a new cell phone – the HTC Desire Z.  I love it.  It comes complete with a Facebook app and widget, but it also is intimately interlinked with Google (seeing as they produce the Android operating system the phone runs on).  So, I’ve decided to get a Google account and use the infrastructure that is there.  I have a Google Calendar that I use (though it’s mostly filled with classes through the end of April 2011), but for personal security reasons it is not public.  Email, either from my home account or Gmail, gets pushed to my phone almost instantly.  I can edit my Calendar from my phone, on the go.  I can send SMS messages, make phone calls, and much more.  For my professional life, I’m available on LinkedIn.  I’m about as connected as I want to be, and I don’t need or want another platform to look after and maintain.

If you have similar ideas of the Facebook phenomenon, please feel free to leave a comment below.  Or maybe you think you can convince me to play the game.  I’ll welcome all sides of the argument.

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