Vandana Shiva in Calgary

Doctor Vandana Shiva trained as a physicist at the University of Western Ontario in Canada, but has since become a world renowned philosopher, food activist, author, and eco-feminist, and is considered one of the world’s leading environmental thinkers.  She has established Navdanya International, with a mission focussing on “improving the well being of small and marginalized rural producers through non violent biodiverse organic farming and fair trade.”(1)

Dr Shiva is the recipient of the 2010 Sydney Peace Prize for her commitment to social justice and, among other achievements, her scientific analysis of environmental sustainability.  She will now be awarded the 2011 Calgary Peace Prize from the Consortium for Peace Studies at the University of Calgary.  The award ceremony takes place on Thursday March 10 at 17:30 at the Calgary Golf and Country Club.  Tickets are $175/ea and can be purchased here.

For those who cannot afford to go to the ceremony, Dr Vandana Shiva will be speaking in Calgary on Wednesday March 9 at 19:00 at the University of Calgary.  She will speak about democracy, the empowerment of women, development, social justice, and the environment.  Check out this site for information and tickets ($15 at the door; $12 in advance).  Hope to see you there!


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