Calgary River Pathway Cleanup 2011

Today I took part in my first ever Calgary River Pathway Cleanup.  While I live closer to Crowfoot Station than either the Bow or Elbow Rivers, I’ve wanted to participate for years but always just miss it, or forgot to sign up.  This time around I found a sign while walking along the pathway in Inglewood and signed up on the spot (smart phones are great!).  Of course, I say “I” like it was just me, but I roped two friends into it as well.  Turns out the Inglewood cleanup crew is one of the largest groups that participates in the cleanup.

My friends and I worked with a group cleaning along the shoreline from the Cushing Bridge south to the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary.  Within the first few steps onto the rip-rap by the stormwater outfall  under the bridge I found a syringe for a needle.  Happily that was the only one I saw, and I think one of only a very few found.  Other items of note include a dead mouse, two Bic lighters, and a condom.  My garbage bag was not very full by the time we finished, though it was getting heavier.  A lot of styrofoam pieces were found along the river bank, as well as several pieces of waterlogged fibreglass insulation.

One nice thing was the barbeque social at the community hall afterwards.  Spolumbo’s Fine Foods, M&M Meat Shops, and Wild Rose Brewery all contributed food and beverages for the event.  At least a dozen other community businesses contributed door prizes (which included $100 gift cards for Star Building Materials, Starbucks gift bags, a boogie board for the kids, and much more).

The weather turned out to be absolutely fantastic, considering that it was originally forcast to snow.  I just wish that I’d taken some pictures to post.  (And no, I’m not a stooge for business.  I just think that it’s so awesome that they contributed for such an awesome event that they deserve the potential of some traffic from me.)

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