You should too!

Canada is voting today, but if Calgary does today as it has done for years, there will be very little turnout at the YYC polls.  When I got to my polling station around 11:40 AM, the ladies said I was only the 28th voter of the day (at that polling station).  That’s nearly 4.5 hours after polls opened!  I’m really hoping that things pick up, but Calgary is known for its apathy.

This has been a very frustrating campaign for many Calgarians.  Frustrating because not a single sitting party leader bothered to come to this fine city.  NDP leader Jack Layton stopped in Edmonton twice, but couldn’t bother coming three hours south.  The only party leader to make a stop in Calgary (so far as I’m aware) was Green Party leader Elizabeth May.

When it comes to canvassing, I was actively canvassed at home only one time … by the local Green Party candidate, Tony Hajj.  Conservative incumbent Diane Ablonczy played the lazy game of having her minions drop flyers in mailboxes, but (so far as I’m aware) did not step foot in her riding.  Same with the Liberal candidate.  I don’t recall receiving any literature of any sort from the NDP candidate.

So if you’re reading this  blog, you probably are aware of my partisan preference for the Green Party.  Of course I would love it if you vote Green, but so long as you get out and vote I don’t really care for whom you mark your ballot.

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